Fire Safety : Built In

Welcome to the 2M Trading Ltd website, the global gateway to the 2MT HEATSHIELD range of Firestopping products and systems.

Fire Protection for Plastic Pipes

2MT HEATSHIELD Intumescent Pipe Collars and Pipe Wraps provide up to 4 Hrs fire resistance when protecting plastic pipes.

Fire protection for Electrical Services and Cables

2MT HEATSHIELD offers designers and services engineers a flexible range of options for protecting electrical services.

M1150 Fire Stop Mortar Compound

2MT HEATSHIELD M1150 Fire Stop Mortar is a resilient material ideal for fire stopping as part of a system, and for complex penetration seals in fire rated floors.

S500 & GS1200 Fire Stop Sealants

2MT HEATSHIELD Intumescent fire stop sealants provide versatility with ease of installation in a wide range of fire stop configurations.

B50 Fire Stop Batts

2MT HEATSHIELD B50 Batts are a lightweight but flexible solution to small, and larger, more complex service apertures – ideal for apertures in walls.

Tested to recognised international standards

2MT HEATSHIELD Products are comprehensively tested and classified by independent authorities in accordance with appropriate international standards.

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For product specific testing and exact specifications, please see our product information pages.

BS EN 13501-2: 2007 + A1: 2009

BS EN 1366-3 2009

BS EN 1366-3 2004

BS 476 Part 20: 1987

AS 1530-4: 1997

From the blog:

February 24, 2015

2MT HEATSHIELD FR Pipe Collar and FR Pipe Wrap ETA’s and EC Certificates of Constancy of Performance, together with Declarations of Performance are now available for download from our Technical Library on the website. New product labels bearing the CE Mark will appear shortly on our HEATSHIELD FR Pipe Collars and Pipe Wraps

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