S500 & GS1200 Fire Stop Sealants

Fire Stop Sealants

2MT HEATSHIELD S500 & GS1220 Fire Stop Sealants are designed to restrict the spread of fire and smoke from one compartment to another where electrical and mechanical services penetrate through fire rated separating walls and floors, and can be used to provide linear gap seals and designed construction joints.

2MT HEATSHIELD S500 is a water based Acrylic Intumescent Fire Stop sealant with excellent adhesion properties. Comprehensively tested in accordance with BS EN 1366-3, BS476 pt 20, AS1530-3 and other International Standards, S500 is a versatile and cost effective solution for a wide range of fire stop requirements.

2MT HEATSHIELD GS1220 is a High Performance Graphite based Intumescent sealant which offers up to 12 times expansion and is more suitable for sealing around services which may degrade rapidly in a fire, such as plastic pipes and conduits, combustible pipe insulation etc.

  • Comprehensively tested and assessed by independent authorities in accordance with BS EN 1366-3 , BS476 pt 20 and AS1530-3 for up to 4 Hours fire resistance
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Can be used together with other 2MT HEATSHIELD products as part of a flexible system for complex fire stop needs
  • Labour saving / easy installation
  • Suitable for use in Concrete walls and floors and in Drywall constructions 2MT HEATSHIELD S500 and GS1220 are suitable for use in any building with services which penetrate through fire rated compartment walls and floors.

These include: Apartment blocks, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Prisons, Airport Terminals, Shopping Malls, etc

2MT HEATSHIELD S500 and GS1220 can be used in walls or floors, (for Installation details please refer to relevant technical data sheets)

As part of our policy of on-going product development and testing, we reserve the right to modify, alter or change product specifications without giving notice. All information contained in this document is given in good faith and is provided for guidance only. As 2M Trading Ltd has no control over the methods or competence of installation, or of prevailing site conditions, no warranties, expressed or implied, are intended to be given as to the actual performance of the products mentioned or referred to herein and no liability whatsoever will be accepted for any loss, damage or injury arising from the use of the information given.

Fire stop sealants

How do HEATSHIELD S500 and GS1220 Fire Stop Sealants work?

When exposed to elevated temperatures of a fire situation, the intumescent material contained in the sealants activates and expands to seal gaps and voids around degrading services, and this prevents the spread of fire and hot gases from one compartment to another.

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